Dave McGillivray – Owner “DMSE Sports & Race Director, The Boston Marathon”

Portrait of man on off-white background. Dave McGillivray

🔉 Listen to Audio Excerpt:  As the race director of the Boston Marathon and consultant for both the Olympic Marathon trials and the Olympic Games, what innovations or changes are you most proud of implementing over the years? The three most significant changes in race management are firstly in medical coverage due to the increasing […]

Bob Bacco – Owner “Bacco’s Wine & Cheese”

Portrait of man on off white background

🔉 Listen to Audio Excerpt:  This is Bob Bacco, owner of Bacco’s Wine and Cheese. Bob, can you talk a little bit about how you ended up opening your business? Well, it started back in college. I worked at a store across the street from Northeastern University here in Boston, and immediately fell in love […]

Gerry Walba – Owner “Plaza Catering”

Up close portrait of an older male. Owner of the Plaza Catering Company

🔉 Listen to Audio Excerpt: This is Gerry Waba, owner and president of the Plaza Catering Company. Gerry, how did you actually get into the catering business? When I was in college, I worked at a place called Anthony’s Pier Four, which at the time was the busiest restaurant in the world. After finishing school, […]

Sarah McManus – Owner “Dog Eat Cake”

Portrait of woman on white background.

🔉 Listen to Audio Excerpt:    Sarah, tell the readers of Wicked Business Boston what made you pivot from being a fashion stylist and blogger to opening a dog bakery? I’ve always loved fashion, but I think it’s a bit more challenging to pursue as a career in Boston. I’ve always been an entrepreneur, so […]