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Yes, I absolutely can! In fact, there are only a handful of companies in the entire Boston region that work with a Peter Hurley Flex Kit which is considered to be one of the best pieces of equipment to have when shooting headshots, whether in the studio or for on-location headshot work.  The quality of light this kit produces over regular strobes is phenomenal.  In addition, because this is constant LED lighting as opposed to a split-second strobe flash, your eyes will dilate (meaning your pupils will get smaller), which in turn will bring out all of the color of your iris’.  The fact that it’s portable is one of the reasons we invested in this technology.  I can bring this quality of light right to you!


We’ll discuss the overall scope of the shoot. We’ll need to determine how many people will be photographed.  We can then determine how much time we’ll need with each person which in term will allow us to create a schedule that will fit your needs.

After receiving direction on what to expect and how to position their body each person will be photographed in front of the lights. Most people don’t like being photographed and our goal is to make this as fun and enjoyable as possible.  Depending on the number of people being photographed, our process includes shooting followed by reviewing the images followed by shooting some more.  As a subject sees how they’re positioned and the results they’ll learn to become even more comfortable.  I’ll do this until we get the perfect shot.  We’ll agree on a final image on the day of the shoot to make this as efficient as possible.  This favorite image will then be retouched.

In about a week’s time or sooner you’ll receive the final, retouched selections. It’s that simple!


Hair and Make-up artist on-site? Yes, I can coordinate with an artist for the day or days of the shoot.  As each artist is an independent contractor you will be contracting directly with them.  Rates will vary depending on whether a job is a half or full day.

Full Retouching. Images will be delivered w basic retouching done; cropping, and blemish removal.  Additional retouching services can be provided for an additional cost.

Your employees are not only an extension of your brand but also your company culture.  When your company has professional headshots that are well lit with great expressions, it reflects on the care you give to each employee.  In addition, staff headshots are not only a great perk for your employees but also a wonderful recruiting tool.  Again, it shows your level of commitment to your employees.

A great headshot conveys confidence and approachability.  When future, potential employees search your “about us” section and see fun, confident photographs it will reflect on your company as a place where they’ll want to work.

I am confident that I can help you transform the appearance of your company with great, polished company headshots.  I’m always willing to go above and beyond our competition.  Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any additional questions.