Reveal your It Factor
In One Headshot

Boston. It’s a goldmine where deals are closed and careers are made. Plaster your headshot on LinkedIn, pitch decks or your bio with confidence that stealthily does all the talking for you.
Located in the heart of Boston’s SoWa scene.

The headshot you've waited for

Ever felt someone walk into a room and couldn’t help but look? We all know the “it factor” when we see it. It’s what your headshot must do, but most fail at. In today’s world, you can’t afford a generic headshot. Instead, your headshot must:

‣ Capture attention
‣ Reveal your secret sauce
‣ Showcase your awesomeness

That’s why Charlie Abrahams Photography exists. From the moment you step into my SoWa studio, you’ll get the red carpet experience. Even if you’ve never called yourself ‘photogenic’, I’ll have you turning heads like your favorite celebrity —here’s how:

‣ I coach you to look confident, successful and approachable
‣ I help you feel relaxed, at ease and like your most natural self
‣ I use great lighting, natural positioning and effortless direction

The end result: you have a headshot you’re thrilled to share online. My client’s biggest regret goes something like this: “Charlie, I wish I’d booked with you months (or even years) ago.”

Not just a headshot.
It's an experience.

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Dailson Ferreira


“Charlie, I am beyond grateful for the exceptional service you have provided. Your dedication and attention to detail is truly outstanding.

You have exceeded all expectations and have made this experience a truly memorable one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful service.”

Company Headshots that close the deal

Business is changing. People want to see the face behind brands. Literally. My corporate headshots take into account your brand’s mission and values to create captivating headshots that position your business as not simply another option, but the option.

headshot example 02

Before your
headshot session

✘ A headshot that fits in with everyone else
✘ Lacking confidence in how you’re perceived online
✘ “Charlie, you don’t get it. I hate getting my pictures taken”

After your
headshot session

✓ A headshot you’re thrilled to share
✓ The confidence that comes with a rockstar headshot
✓ “I love them all, I’m having trouble picking just one”

Need headshots for the entire team?

Most company photo days are a drag. Instead, I set up shop in your office with an experience that’ll have everyone buzzin’ at Happy Hour.

Don’t worry. I’ll come to you.

I’ll come to you. I’ll set up shop in your office with on-location headshots that save everyone time, money and hassle.

Paul Elmer Polintan


“I had a great experience with my first headshot/portrait because it was with Charlie’s direction.

The shot came out looking fresh and professional!

Thank you, Charlie!”

portrait photography

Unique. Edgy. Remarkable. The right portrait tells a story. It differentiates your professional or personal brand with a striking image. Done right, and you get a timeless portrait that conveys emotion.

In contrast to standard headshots, portraits infuse various creative elements —blending unique backgrounds, advanced lighting and objects. For actors, artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and families who want a shot that looks straight out of a magazine.

charlie portrait

Your face. My camera. Fireworks.

Hi, I’m Charlie. I’m a Boston-based headshot and portrait photographer who specializes in unforgettable headshots that people can’t stop saying “wow” to. As I tell my clients: you better get used to the compliments.

Unlike others, I’m not simply a professional
photographer. I’m a headshot specialist that directs you every step of the way. Whether you don’t believe you’re photogenic (trust me, you are) or feel awkward getting pictures taken, I create an experience that is exciting and makes you feel like a celebrity.

Because once you step into my studio, you are.

Schedule your headshots.
Make a statement.

Just show up to my SoWa studio and I’ll do the rest.